True Double Conversion Design
FRONTLINE Online UPS system, unlike a Line Interactive UPS System, offers the highest level of power protection by regenerating the sinewave and keeps the capacity to correct frequency variation and harmonic distortion. Firstly it converts, incoming supply from A.C to D.C and then inverts D.C to A.C, thereby providing a pure sinewave with tighted voltage and frequency regulation.

Pure Sinewave Output
FRONTLINE state-of-art IGBT(Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) inverter, in conjunction with outstanding microcontroller based control circuitry, provides a premium performance and efficiency with a clean and pure sinewave power.

Galvonic Isolation
FRONTLINE Online UPS System isolates its connected load from all types of power problems, which are derived from the main supply.

Wide Input Voltage and Frequency
FRONTLINE Online UPS System is designed to operate efficiently over wide input voltages and frequency without discharging the battery.

Overload and Short Circuit Protection
FRONTLINE's advanced smart circuit system provides that extra protection needed against damage caused by overloads and instant tripping.

Redundancy/Hot Standby Configurations
FRONTLINE UPS Systems offer redundancy, hot standby configuration when configured for a standby.

Technical Specification
Capacity Topology . 500 VA to 40 KVA
Double Conversion, True Online
Converter Input Source
(With Range Optional)
DC Output
170-205 V DC, Single Phase for FRONTLINE IP Series
415 V +/- 15%, AC Three Phase for FRONTLINE 3P Series
50 Hz +/- 10%
Constant DC Voltage, Constant Current (CVCC)

Switching Devices
Switching Frequency
Standard Operating DC Volts

High Frequency MPWM Technology
Power MOSFETs/Power IGBTs
10 to 20 KHz
(Other DC Voltages on Order)
KVA 0.5 1 2 3 5 7.5 10 15 20 >20
Volts 48 48/72 72/96/120 120 120/144 192 288 288 288 360
  Output Waveform
Output Voltage
Crest Factor
Over Load

50 Hz +/- 1%
225 V+/- 1% AC, Single Phase
Less than 3%
Better than 95%
Better than

150% for One Minute, 120% for 10 Minutes

Byepass (Optional)
Communication (Optional)
Battery Low Cut-OFF,O/F Overload) out-OFF, O/P Over/Under Voltage cut-OFF, Short Circuit
Mains ON, Inverter ON, UPS ON Battery, Battery Low, Inverter Trip, O/P Overload
Analog Meters or LED/LCD Display
Rs-232 Serial Interface
Environment Noise Level
Operating Temperature
Less than 65dBA
0-50 degree Centigrade
0-95% non-condensing